Mass with Anointing

28.06.2024 12:00


Low Mass (Eucharist) - A said service of prayers, Bible readings, and Holy Communion. It last for 25 mins. Printed Orders of Service are available.

The Mass is offered for various intentions. Feel free to ask the Priest to offer it for you or for your loved ones, whether living or departed.

On the 4th Friday of every month we pray and offer the Mass especially for the sick. At the end of the Mass, if you wish to, you can receive either or both of the following ministries:

Laying on of hands - this is a form of intercession (prayer) when the priest places his hands on your head, praying with you for healing and wholeness. You can always ask the priest to pray with you for someone (even if they are not present) you want to pray for, and for their healing.

Anointing with the Holy Oil - this is a Sacrament (one of seven) and is reserved for those who suffer in body, mind, or spirit. Olive oil is an ancient, biblical symbol of outpouring grace and healing. The Holy Oil of the Sick is blessed by the Bishop so it can strengthen those who suffer and heal them, if it is God's will. Unlike the laying on of hands, you can only receive the Anointing for yourself.