Holy Baptism (Christening)

  • What is Baptism about?
    In Baptism all our sins - personal and the one inherited from Adam and Eve - are forgiven. God adopts us as his children and, through the Holy Spirit, he takes his dwellig place in our heart. He gives us grace (strenght) to live according to his laws and commandments and makes us heirs of his Kingdom. In Baptism we also become members of the Church: Christians.

    For these reasons, Baptism is not to be taken lightly. It requires a willingness to make God part of our daily life and to live a Christian life which includes church attendance. When a child is being baptised, these promises are made by the child's parents and it becomes their great responsability to educate their child in a Christian way, both by their words and their own example.
  • I am an adult - can I be baptised?
  • Can my child be baptised in your church?
  • Can my grandchild/niece/nephew/etc. be baptised in your church?
  • Can you baptise my child if I am not baptised?
  • How much does Baptism cost?
  • Will we need godparents?