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Light a virtual candle

You can light a virtual candle for yourself or someone you love. All names and prayer intentions will be remembered during Mass on Fridays here at St. Paul's.


We take our responsibilities surrounding the safeguarding of children, young people, and adults who may be at risk very seriously, and work in partnership with the Diocese of Salisbury to ensure that we work in accordance with best practice at all times.

If you have any Safeguarding questions or concerns you can contact the Vicar or our Parish Safeguarding Officers:

Sharon Waight or June Hornby on 01305 771217 or email: stpweymouth@gmail.com

Alternatively you can contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, Mrs Suzy Futcher on 07500 664800, or Mr Jem Carter on 07469 857888. Or you can email them: safeguarding.admin@salisbury.anglican.org

Please, find our Parish Safeguarding Policy and other useful information about safeguarding by clicking here.

What we do

Liturgy - as Christians, we believe that worship is at the very heart of what we are and what we do. It is our duty and privilege to gather in the church day after day to offer prayers and praises to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is our God but also our Father. Jesus is our Saviour but also our Brother. The Holy Spirit is our Lord but also our Friend. For this reason our worship is characterised by reverence but also joy, solemnity but also intimacy. To learn more about how we worship, please see the SERVICES menu.

Outreach - St. John writes: "He who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen." Since the 18th century, Anglo-Catholic churches has been built in areas of deprivation. We believe that we cannot worship and love God in good conscience, if we do not try to help those in need. We have a Benevolent Fund for the residents of Westham, we are part of Safe Sleep offering shelter and hot meals to homeless people, our Governors dedicate time and resources to our children at Beechcroft St. Paul's Primary School, our Congregation actively supports the food bank. If you want to be involved in our social work, please, contact us.

Community - People at St. Paul's are like family: we have good times and sometimes we have more difficult times, but we love and help each other. We have a lively social life with various clubs, meals, pilgrimages together. Our Fundraising Team is excellent at organising garden parties, BBQs, bazaars. We take care of each other. If you want to be part of our family, just find something that suits you under the menus PARISH HALL and WHAT'S ON. We very much look forward to welcoming you!

Who we are - a brief history

St. Paul's is a Church of England Parish in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. 

The church was built to serve the residents of Westham in the late 19th-century. Works started in 1894, following the designs of George Fellowes Prynne.

The first church was completed in 1896 and St Paul's was dedicated by the Bishop of Salisbury but extensions and embellishment continued until the 1950s.

Read more about our history here.

Worshipping God

We are proud of the beauty of our worship. On Sundays we use incense and sing traditional hymns, during the week our worship is simple and meditative. We have various prayer groups, too. Come and discover the richness of Anglo-Catholic liturgy.

Proclaiming Christ

In Christ Jesus we have received forgiveness, joy, peace, healing, and life everlasting. We are excited to share the Good News with you, so come and hear the Message: no one can separate us from the love of God! In Christ God gave us everything, even Himself.

Helping those in need

Come and join us in the various activities we run to try to alleviate the need of people living in our Parish and elsewhere. If you yourself are experiencing difficult times, spiritually, physically or financially, we will do our best to be there for you - come and talk to us!

Building community

As the Bible says: it is not good to be alone. Fellowship is an important part of our Parish life, and we are happy to invite you to join any of the events, meals and groups at St. Paul's. See more under "Services" and "What's on". Come, and join us - this is your Parish, too!

New Here?

New to church? Or to the area? Or finding your way back to God after some time? We are happy to welcome you! Let us know how can we make this journey easier for you.


It is with great pride that we share some photos of our beautiful church.

We hope you enjoy this small virtual tour.

St Paul's

St Paul’s is a lively, forward-looking Anglican church in the Catholic tradition. We are affiliated to the Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda and our PCC has passed the resolution seeking episcopal oversight from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

We are part of the diocese of Salisbury and the Deanery of Weymouth and Portland. We maintain very close links with our Voluntary Aided School, Beechcroft St. Paul’s. 

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