The Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary is a Guild of Altar Servers which seeks to deepen the spiritual life of its members and to help them to become more worthy of their high office. 

It is entirely a society of lay people but welcomes Bishops, Priests and Deacons as Associate Members and non-servers as Supporter members.

Altar Servers from many parishes meet at their Chapter and Festivals for Worship and Fellowship, often providing support for servers who may be the solitary server at their church.

There are Chapters throughout England, Wales and overseas.


  • Every member and associate shall say the Guild collect on all Sundays and red letter days.
  • All members shall say the appointed offices before and after serving, except at churches where another office is in use.
  • Guild medals shall remain the property of the Guild, and in all cases be returned when anyone ceases to be a member or associate.

For the better carrying out of the objects of the Guild members are recommended:-

  • To make confession to a priest as conscience may require.
  • To communicate, with special intention for he Guild, at the time of the annual festival.
  • To make the objects of the Guild a matter of special self-examination on serving days.
  • To attend, if possible a celebration of the Holy Eucharist each week, in addition to times of duty and obligation.
  • To be ready to help a fellow server whensoever, wheresoever and howsoever opportunity may occur.
  • To endeavour to take part in the annual festival, and as far as possible to attend meetings of the local chapter.

The Guild shall consist of altar servers of the Church of England and of Churches in communion, subject to the following conditions:-

  • Any communicant unreservedly accepting Catholic faith and practice, being at the time of application , engaged as an altar server, is eligible to become a member of the Guild.
  • Such altar servers desirous of becoming a member of the Guild shall make application to any officer of the Guild on form No. 1.
  • All applications for membership shall be submitted to the General Council or District Council for approval for full membership. This authority will then be given on Form 4 and a Guild medal issued. 
  • In every case the application for membership shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee to the funds of the Guild (of which payment one half may be retained by the District Council, where the application is made to a District Council) in return for which the applicant shall receive an acknowledgement from the Secretary- General, District Secretary or other appointed officer of the Guild, and such acknowledgement shall entitle the applicant to attend meetings of the Guild, but shall confer no voting powers.
  • Admissions may be made by any priest officer of the Guild or by any priest duly authorised to act on his behalf.
  • The General Council reserves to itself, and to District Councils the power of removing from the roll of the Guild the name of any member, associate or probationer whose conduct is in the opinion of the General Council or District Council inconsistent with the objects of the Guild, without reason given.

St Paul's

St Paul’s is a lively, forward-looking Anglican church in the Catholic tradition. We are affiliated to the Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda and our PCC has passed the resolution seeking episcopal oversight from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

We are part of the diocese of Salisbury and the Deanery of Weymouth and Portland. We maintain very close links with our Voluntary Aided School, Beechcroft St. Paul’s. 

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