Groups for (young and less young) adults

We have various groups - some with an emphasis on our Christian life, some are founded on prayer, and some are simply groups of fellowship where we can spend some quality time together. These groups are open to all and you are most welcome to join them.

Forward in Faith (FiF)

Our Parish is part of the so-called "Society Parishes" and belongs to the group called Forward in Faith.

While we appreciate and celebrate all the amazing work women do in our society and in the church, and rejoice in their unique gifts, we believe that only men can be validly ordained as priests and bishops.

FiF parishes belong to one of the 42 Diocese of the Church of England - St. Paul's is an integral part of the Diocese of Salisbury - but the Sacramental care for these parishes is entrusted to so-called "episcopal visitors". Our Parish is under the sacramental care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

St Paul's is often the venue for meetings of various FiF groups in our area, on other occasions we are offered generous hospitality by other groups. FiF groups meet regularly for Mass, prayer, and time of fellowship (often including lunch). We receive a huge amount of spiritual help from our Bishops and other FiF groups and we feel like part of a great family. If you are interested to join us, please, contact the Vicar.

Holy Rosary Group - every Saturday at 10am (church)

This group meets every Saturday at 10am (after the 9.30am service) to pray together the Holy Rosary. We gather around the Altar of Our Lady of Walsingham and meditate on the joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries of the life of the Lord Jesus.

These prayers are offered for our Parish - for all who live, worship, or work in Westham - and for the sick and dying and they last for ca. 20-25 minutes.

Prayer cards are available which make it easy to join in the Rosary even for those who have never prayed it before. Members of the group are always happy to explain how the Holy Rosary is prayed.

You can also download the prayer card by clicking on this link.

Society of Our Lady of Walsingham - second Saturday of every month at 10.30am (parish hall)

While this group is organised by members of the Society, its meetings are open to all.

We meet on the second Saturday of every month around 10.30am (after the Rosary) for home made cake and tea or coffee. These meetings are informal and various topics are discussed - such as the life in Palestine in Jesus' times; pilgrimage to Lourdes; accounts of various pilgrimages, etc. Sometimes we have guest speakers to make the topics discussed more varied.

This group also organises the parish's yearly pilgrimage to Walsingham (Norfolk), pilgrimage that is open to all.

While we tend to keep our meetings on the second Saturday of every month (no meetings in August), please, make sure you check our weekly notices for updates.

Bible Group - fortnightly on Wednesdays at 4pm (conference room)

This group - which meets fortnightly on Wednesday at 4pm - is mostly attended by members of our congregation who seek to share and deepen their Christian faith but it is open to all - regardless whether or not they are Christians, whether or not church goers.

The group is led by the Vicar and the topics discussed are about Christian faith and morals. We look into various stories and narratives of the Bible (creation in six days? did the flood happen? how did the Jews celebrate their feasts?), we try to understand a bit more about our faith (who is the Holy Spirit? what are the Sacraments? why do we celebrate Mass daily? what is prayer? how can we imagine resurrection and life eternal? what happens after death?), and sometimes we discuss questions of Christian ethics (abortion, euthanasia, divorce, sin, virtues).

Questions and contributions are welcome and we do not expect you to agree with us on everything - your views, questions, doubts have place in this group. Please check the weekly updated notices for dates.

A morning with Jesus - first Friday of every month 9am-12noon (church)

Strictly speaking, this is not a group and with "worldly" standards this is not even an activity. We know that Jesus is faithful to the promise he made at the Last Supper when he said about the consecrated bread and wine: "This is my Body. This is my Blood." We believe then with faith that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist (Blessed Sacrament) even if in a way hidden to our senses. If we approach him with faith, in silence and prayer, he will reveal his presence to our heart and will fill us with his gifts: consolation, inner joy, grace, spiritual healing, strength.

On the first Friday of every month the Blessed Sacrament is enthroned on the Altar for public worship. We bring into Jesus' presence our hopes, needs, prayers, joys, and sorrows. We pray for our Parish, for the conversion of sinners and for the sick and dying. It is our intention to offer worship, atonement, affection, and love to Jesus present in the Eucharist who is neglected and even offended in the Sacrament by so many.

All are welcome to arrive and to leave when they wish, spending as much or as little time as their duties and various errands allow.

Church Choir - rehearsals weekly on Wednesday at 10.30am (church)

Our Church Choir is now open to new members. Previous experience of singing or musical instruments is not required.

Our Anglo-Catholic, high-church worship aims to involve our whole existence in the liturgy and prompts us to worship God with with "all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind" (cf. Matthew 22,37). Liturgy at St. Paul's appeals to all our senses through the fabric and colours of vestments worn, through the beauty of our church, through the use of incense, and through sacred music. Thus our Choir is an essential part of our liturgical life and their service is an integral part of our worship.

The Choir sings a wide range of sacred music, from traditional hymns to plainchant, from the propers of the Mass (Introit, Offertory, etc.) to occasional services like the Passion or various Carol Services. Please get in touch with the Parish Office if you would like to join our Choir.

Chapter of St. Aldhelm Bishop - first Sunday of every month 4pm/5pm (church)

Under the heavenly patronage of St. Aldhelm Bishop, our Altar-servers form the local chapter of the Guild of the Servants of the Sanctuary - and Anglo-Catholic association within the Church of England.

The Guild seeks to deepen the spiritual life of its members and to help them to become more worthy of their high office. Our Servers assist the Priest (and Deacon) at Sung and High Masses, during various Offices like Evensong and Benediction, and serve at weekday Masses. They all meet on the first Sunday of every month for solemn Evensong and Benediction followed by shared time of fellowship.

All are welcome to apply as members who wish to become servers at the Altar.

Fish & Chips Club - fortnightly on Fridays from 1pm (parish hall)

This Lunch Club is open to the over 50 and members do not have to reside in the Parish. For £5 Fish & Chips are served with a hot drink and some ice cream to finish. (There is a Sausage & Mash option outside the holy season of Lent.) Please, note: alcohol is neither served, nor allowed.

Booking is essential and regretfully we cannot accept anyone without a booking. To book, please contact the Parish Office.

Some come to the 12noon service in church, others will start gathering around/after 12.30pm in the parish hall for a 1pm start. Over the years many friendships have been forged between the members and the Lunch Club is especially appreciated by those who live on their own.

At the entrance there is always the option to buy tickets for the draw that follows the lunch. Prizes often include chocolate, beauty products, wine, and other goodies.

Dates in the first half of 2022: 11 February, 25 February, 11 March, 25 March, 8 April, 22 April, 6 May, 20 May, 3 June, 17 June, 1 July, 15 July, 29 July.

Recycled Teenagers - every Wednesday 1.30-4

An afternoon club of fun, fellowship, and activities for over 50. The group meets every Wednesday in the Parish Hall around 1.30pm until 4pm.

Activities include: bingo, friendly quizzes, draw with great prizes. Around 3pm tea, coffee, and biscuits are served.

If you want to join, please, get in touch with the Parish Office.

Volunteers for S.P.O.T. - our charity shop in Abbotsbury Road

If you like charity shops, or if you are good at listening to people, or if you love sorting donations, or if you simply want to belong to an amazing group of people... consider volunteering for our charity shop.

All proceedings from the shop go to the church so you would be helping St. Paul's a great deal.

Many and various tasks are available: sorting donations, cleaning, keeping the shop open, talking/listening to customers, taking rubbish to the recycling centre, washing and ironing donated clothes, etc. 

Here you can find more information about our charity shop.

St Paul's

St Paul’s is a lively, forward-looking Anglican church in the Catholic tradition. We are affiliated to the Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda and our PCC has passed the resolution seeking episcopal oversight from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

We are part of the diocese of Salisbury and the Deanery of Weymouth and Portland. We maintain very close links with our Voluntary Aided School, Beechcroft St. Paul’s. 

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