Our normal service times are:

Whether or not you are a regular churchgoer, you are very welcome to any of our services!


10am - Sung Mass

5pm - Evensong and Benediction


9am - Low Mass (English Missal)


9am - Morning Prayer

5.30pm - Evening Prayer

6pm - Low Mass (English Missal)


9am - Morning Prayer

12.30pm - Low Mass

5.30pm - Evening Prayer


9am - Morning Prayer

5.30pm - Evening Prayer

6pm - Low Mass


9am - Morning Prayer

12.30pm - Low Mass

5.30pm - Evening Prayer


9am - Morning Prayer

9.30am - Low Mass

5.30pm - Evening Prayer

Scroll down a little bit to find some explanation about these services.

Sung Mass

It is the most solemn form of worship that brings the whole Congregation together. After some prayers we listen to readings from the Bible, there is sermon, then bread and wine are consecrated by the priest into Jesus' Body and Blood. We receive Holy Communion, use incense, sing traditional hymns, and have a choir at these services. It lasts for an hour.

Low Mass

It is a shorter, simpler version of Sung Mass. There is more silence, prayers are said rather than sung, and the whole service is more meditative. We still listen to readings from the Bible, bread and wine are consecrated, Holy Communion is received. It last for 25 minutes. "English Missal" means the very same service but in traditional language.

Morning and Evening Prayer

These prayers are simple, short, said services every morning and evening and they last for 10-15 minutes. We say some psalms and listen to some readings, offer prayers, thanksgiving and intercessions. Holy Communion is not received. These services are informal, and they are a great opportunity to start or finish the day with a short prayer.

Evensong and Benediction

Evensong is like Evening Prayer but we sing some parts of it, and we use traditional language. We gather around the Altar, and the whole service has a solemn but intimate feeling to it. At the end of the service we offer prayers, praises and intercessions in front of the Blessed Sacrament (consecrated Bread) where we believe Jesus is truly present.

Other services and prayers

There are other services and prayers which we say on some occasions.

You can find them in the Calendar or in the Parish Magazine.

Holy Rosary

First Saturday of every month

Holy Rosary is a meditative prayer that last for half on hour. As we greet our Lady with the words of the Angel (Hail Mary, full of grace), we think about the life of Jesus: all he has done for us.

Stations of the Cross

Fridays during Lent

Lent is a preparation of six weeks for Easter. Every Friday in Lent we gather in church, walking from station to station (paintings depicting Jesus' passion), meditating on God's redeeming love for us.


4th Friday of the month

Following Jesus' example and the teaching of the Apostles, those who suffer from sickness of body, mind or spirit are prayed for and the priest anoints them with holy oil.


Once a month

Jesus saved us on the Cross and in the Mass this saving love is offered to living and dead. Once a month, to show that in God we are still united, we offer the Mass especially for the dead.

First Friday Devotion

1st Friday of the month

"First Friday" prayers, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, remind us of God's love, move us to repent of our sins, and make us pray for others that all can know and love Jesus.


On various days

Saints are our Brethren who pray for us, and their example encourages us to follow Jesus more faithfully. Litanies are prayers offered to God, praising his saving work manifest in the life of the Saints.


On various days and on request 

God the Creator can use objects as means of his blessing. Priests bless objects (water, candle, images, cars, etc.) in Jesus' Name so that we can experience God's help and protection as we use them.


In January or on request

Chalking is the traditional blessing of our homes. The Priest blesses our home in Jesus' Name, sprinkles it with Holy Water, and prays that blessing, joy, health, protection may dwell there always.

St Paul's

St Paul’s is a lively, forward-looking Anglican church in the Catholic tradition. We are affiliated to the Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda and our PCC has passed the resolution seeking episcopal oversight from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

We are part of the diocese of Salisbury and the Deanery of Weymouth and Portland. We maintain very close links with our Voluntary Aided School, Beechcroft St. Paul’s. 

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