Conservation and repair works

125 years...

The church was built to serve the residents of Westham in the late 19th-century. Works started in 1894, following the designs of George Fellowes Prynne. The first church was completed in 1896 but extensions and embellishment continued until the 1950s. Since then no major works have been done.

Coastal weather with its strong winds and sea-salt, as well as growing traffic and pollution have all taken a toll on the building. Damaged stonework, rusty window frames, leaky roof... the list is long.

A place for all

St. Paul's has also been a place of fellowship, comfort, and strength for the whole neighbourhood over its 125 years of history. Many of the people living in Westham, although they may have little to do with church, still have strong emotional links with St. Paul’s: they have been baptised or married here. Even greater are the number of families and friends who say their last goodbyes to their beloved ones within the walls of this church, finding here strength and solace.

What we do

We wish to play an active part in the social and cultural life of Westham. We already run a lunch club for elderly people, the charity shop (SPOT), we offer shelter and hot food to homeless people, and we host various counselling and wellbeing groups. St. Paul’s Church particularly nurtures a sense of Community. Many Parishioners have been part of the Congregation for a very long time. As mentioned, there is a lunch club for the elderly - this is particularly important if they are living on their own, having lost their spouses. Companionship is so valued.

We need your ideas

While we do our best to preserve St. Paul's - a common heritage to the whole neighbourhood - for future generations, we need your help too to complete these major repairs.

Our hope is that a renewed, safe, welcoming building will be able to play an even greater part in Westham's life. Amongst our projects are community coffee, art exhibition, concerts, organ recitals. We also invite you to share with us your ideas as to how St. Paul's could serve our neighbourhood better while, of course, remaining a place of worship in the first place. (See our Contact page.)


Total cost of works: £116,056

Funds raised so far: £111,074.91


The cost of the project (VAT and professional fees included) is £116.056. Please, see detailed projects, tender documents, costs, etc. further below on this page.

We need your help

We cannot afford these necessary building works without the help of benefactors such as yourself. Every little help is most appreciated and is an important step towards reaching our goal. Please, visit our "You can help!" page to see how you can make a donation.

"The Lord bless you and keep you"

All our Benefactors, living or departed, are being prayer for at every Evening Prayer, and Mass is offered for them once a month, asking on them God's abundant blessings. The names of our major Benefactors is published on the church noticeboard and in the Parish Magazine, unless they wish to remain anonymous.

We will regularly update this page with dates, photos, informations about donations.

Documents and information:


Insurance cover

Received tenders

Archdeacon's permission to carry out works

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